Creature Double Feature Roundup 2 – Promo

Join us for the second Creature Double Feature Roundup for vendors, guests, and a LIVE recreation of Boston’s favorite monster show: CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE!!!!

September 24th, 2011 – Sheraton 4 Points Hotel, Norwood, MA

Tickets are only $10!!!  Bring the family for great, nostalgic fun!!!

Visit: for more info!!

Then Is Now – Creature Double Feature Edition – By Roger Froilan

With the second Roundup headed our way on September 24, 2011, lots of interest has been generated by people who fondly remember Creature Double Feature.  I don’t think the producers at WLVI Channel 56 in Boston realized when they were making the show back in the 1970s that it would have such a profound and lasting impact on a whole generation of viewers.  In fact, according to Aaron Chauncey who is co-creator of the Roundup, they didn’t think anyone was actually watching it!  What is it about Creature Double Feature that had such an effect on the viewers and why does that still hang on today?

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Space Battleship Yamato (2010) – Movie Review by Roger Froilan

Yes, this is a LIVE-ACTION version of the animated “Space Cruiser Yamato” series from the 70s and beyond.  You, dear reader, may remember it as Starblazers!  After over 30 years, fans are finally treated to a live-action version of the classic anime, and it does not disappoint.

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Monsters & Memories 15: The Most Dangerous Game (1932) by Ed Davis

It was a battle of genres for me this time, Groovy Ghoulies. When I set out to do this column, I hoped to encompass all aspects of Horror and Sci-Fi. One movie that kept coming up on horror movie lists was The Most Dangerous Game.  I originally scratched my head. I read the story in high school, and I think we watched the movie too. I don’t remember it being horror. This couldn’t be. So, As I waded through 1932’s list of movies, I knew The Game and myself were going to play outdoor chess. Would I still agree that it’s not Horror or will I have changed my mind?
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Monsters & Memories 14: Murders In The Rue Morgue (1932) by Ed Davis

Trying to create a mate, Groovy Ghoulies! That’s what today’s movie is all about. What do you do when you take a circus ape, a crazy scientist injecting blood into the ladies of Paris, and old Dracula Bela Lugosi himself? You get a moody little film called “The Murders In The Rue Morgue.” Does Bela retain that star power from Dracula a year before? Let’s find out together.
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