All New! All Different!

Greetings all!!!  After a long hiatus, and a difficult time restoring our posts and pages, Horror Haven is on the mend!  As you can see we are re-branding from The Fright Channel to Fright Channel Productions, since many have taken our idea of an all-horror TV channel and done it in several markets. Bear with us during website renovations (but not the inside out Bear from 1978’s The Prophecy!! NO!!!).

However, the new, improved TFC Productions website will produce reviews, podcasts, videos and more!  While we will still be Horror-centric, we’ll also focus on Pop Culture of interest to Monster Kids and that era, as well as exposing the next generations to all the cool stuff they missed out on!

Keep an eye out (but in it’s socket) for Cinema Enigmatico reviews, Then Is Now Podcast, The East Meets the West Podcast, Questionable Podcast, Special Videos, and the return of the History of Boston TV Horror and Creature Double Feature!!

Plus, the anticipated return of horror hosts Uncle Death and Re-Gor!!

Anyway, sit tight as we continue to tweak the website and put out fresh content (as well as some moldy, day-old stuff)!!