Ed’s Monsters & Memories 22: Godzilla Kaiju Battle 5 Special Report‏

Oh, the carnage, Groovy Ghoulies! This past week, Godzilla made his annual trek to Schenectady, NY to roar, bite, stomp, and cause major havoc as part of the annual Godzilla Kaiju Battle at Proctor’s GE Theater. This is always a fun night presented by It Came From Schenectady. They celebrate all the fun cult, genre, and just way out there films that you love! You are always guaranteed a good time when you go. This year’s Kaiju battle featured 2 of the more recent Godzilla films, “Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla” and “Godzilla vs. Megaguirus.

As you arrive at the event, you’re always treated with a smile from Scott Martin. In charge of Hilltown Kaiju, his collection of Godzilla figures are amazing. We’re celebrating The big G’s 60th this year, and he brought some figures to show the evolution of some of the kaiju. All of the Mechagodzillas were present. Also, which was cool was the different stages of Hedorah, the smog monster. And of course, Jet Jaguar, one of my favorites was smiling at me. He’s got a great collection, and is always willing to tell you the story behind the figures. He even brought his first rubber bendy Godzilla, which I also have somewhere tucked away into the crypt.


It always feels like a party when you go to an ICFS event, and this was no different. Mixed theme drinks, prizes, and contests. The kids with their bean bag chairs, sleeping bags and Godzilla figures curled down front are always a pleasure to see. It’s nice to see the next generation of monster kids, looking forward to bringing Drooly Ghoulie to next years. She can sing the Godzilla cartoon theme from the ‘70’s and his a mean roar. Tonight, we were treated to Monster Pictionary before the first film started. The kids drew their favorite monsters, and their parents had to guess what they were. Everyone was the winner there! Some great DVDs, posters, and other genre treats were given away. And it was now time for our first feature, “Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla”.

This one picks up not long after “Godzilla vs. Biollante” and we see some space spores mixing with some other space junk to form the big nasty of this film, Space Godzilla! I always want to say that with echo, like on Spaaace Ghoooost! Anyway, He’s basically Godzilla with these huge crystals on his back. And big incisors. Nasty looking, really. He starts making his way towards Earth, and I hate to say it but his flying form is clunky. I much prefer this kaiju when he gets to Earth. Meanwhile, on Earth, our favorite psychic Miki Saegusa is heading up Project T. A team of telepaths hoping to shoot a big sonar into Godzilla’s head and then be able to control him telepathically. Miki was played by Megumi Odaka, and is always nice to see in her 6 movie role in the 90s Godzilla series. So, we also have Little Godzilla, and this incarnation is not one of my favorites. He’s very anime looking, and gets a lot of Awwws from the crowd when he arrives. I’m partial to Minya but I get when they were doing here.  Godzilla has been hanging out on one of the islands, and parties arrive to either control Godzilla while another guy wants to kill him with a bullet of coagulated blood or plasma that can do Big G in. Project T is able to get the job done first and Godzilla can be controlled by Miki. Soon  though, Space Godzilla arrives with lightning from his mouth and just all kinds of nastiness. He entraps Little Godzilla and takes off to start destroying Japan. Godzilla will have none of this and the kaiju battle is on! Throw in Moguera, this movie’s transforming robot vehicle and you have one mean fight. The battle scenes are great, with lots of buildings coming down and explosions. Good times! I love the way Godzilla’s fire erupts from his mouth in this one. And though I prefer the late 70s look for Godzilla, this more feline, demon like look is pretty cool. I’m not going to spoil the fight but, this is a Godzilla film so I’m guessing you know who wins.

After a brief intermission and some more games, including a sound like your favorite monster contest, it was time for the second feature, “Godzilla vs. Megaguirus”.

This film alludes to some of the other attacks Godzilla has made, always searching out atomic power. Japan decides to shut down all of their nuclear power plants in an attempt to stop Godzilla from attacking. Sigh, they never learn. He returns to Japan searching for a nuclear source, even though it appears no nuclear power is being used. A weapon entitled the Dimension Tide has been created to pull Godzilla into a wormhole should he even return. In a test of the weapon, a prehistoric dragonfly arrives, lays an egg, and hightails in home. A whole swarm of these Meganula hatch and flood part of the city, making it their own home. They all merge into this huge Megaguirus dragonfly after getting attracted to Godzilla’s energy. Where is the nuclear energy coming from, and how can Godzilla stop a dragonfly that can suck out his energy. I really enjoyed this one. I had seen it once, when it first came out on DVD and enjoyed the effects and the fight scenes. I thought the Megaguirus was a worthy opponent for the King of the Monsters, and gives him a good fight.

Both of these features are out on DVD now, and will be coming out on Blu-ray this May coupled with some other Godzilla flicks to make your own Creature Double Features!

It was great to catch up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Paul Kazee and Peter Hughes from Proctor’s and It Came From Schenectady and everyone else who works with them always put on a great show. In fact, coming up on Saturday, April 19th is KISS in Attack of The Phantom! This is the version created for the big screen and the European market. It has a lot of the background Hanna-Barbara music gone, and replaced with more KISS songs! Can’t wait to see this on the big screen. Also The Spandex Zappin’ Party, which should also be entertaining! Scott Martin and Hilltown Kaiju, love checking out the Godzilla clips playing in the background in the lobby. Chris Parker, wouldn’t be A Kaiju battle without you, nice to meet your family this year. I also got to run into Doug Arthur, author and artist of Tales From The Dougside. If you see him at a convention, make sure you stop by and talk monsters with him.

Well, that’s all for now with this special report! I’m so excited for the big anniversary article that we’re going to go ahead and get to that next. It’s hard to believe I’ve been writing these for three years, and I we’re gonna celebrate in a big monster way! How many monsters can we fit in one article? Make sure you check out horrorhaven.com for more great monster memories! Like The Fright Channel and Monsters and Memories on Facebook. Lots of spooktacular stuff is coming! Until next time, Groovy Ghoulies…Watch the skies!