Retro TV Guide Ads & Scans Blog #2

Welcome to our first official spin-off blog from Then Is Now! Retro TV Guide Ads & Scans is proud to be out on its own, sharing with you fun memories from when television and TV Guide were cool!

This week, the topic is: 3D TV!!! While many films today are released in 3D, back in the day it was a rarity, therefore a treat. To have 3D on Television was almost unheard of! But, in the summer of 1982, local channels across the country participated in showing some 3D films, and it was a BIG DEAL!!

The only requirements were a color TV set, and special red and blue 3D glasses. The glasses were obtained through various local store chains like Stop & Shop and Store 24, so it was a joint effort to get customers into the stores and viewers on the channels. Locally here in Boston, on Thursday July 8, 1982, Channel 56 (now the CW) aired the Revenge of the Creature (the 2nd Creature from the Black Lagoon movie), while on Friday July 9, 1982, Channel 38 aired Gorilla at Large. It is not advertised, but I believe 38 also showed the Three Stooges 3D short, “Spooks!”, in which the trio are detectives who end up in a haunted house. Channel 56 re-aired Revenge at Midnight that night, while Channel 38 re-aired Gorilla on July 18th.

This was a really big deal at the time!! Never before had we seen a 3D film on Television! I remember talking about it for weeks with my friends, and even riding my bike from Stoneham to Wakefield to the Store 24 in order to obtain 3D glasses for myself and my parents. I also remember my father coming home with 3D glasses the day of the first showing!

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Before the polarized, gray lenses, we had to separate the video tracks into two colors, red & blue, and the glasses brought them back together for binocular vision.

How cool does the Gillman look with shades???

This is the listing for Channel 56’s midnight replay.

What a great ad!

The listing and Ad for Gorilla At Large’s initial showing.

Channel 38 was smart to have the re-airing a week or so later, so that those who missed it could have ample notice…as well as continue to drive customers to the stores for the glasses!