Then Is Now Podcast Ep. 2 – Robocop 1987 & 2014

Then is Now Podcast is where we discuss Pop Culture of the past and how it relates to the present.  We bring you all the cool things that you may have missed out on!  The topics discussed here are things that everyone SHOULD know, or at least have heard about!  Your hosts, Re-Gor – Pop Culture Historian, and 16-year old Spency Dome Piece, take you on a journey of discovery and teach you about things you NEED to know about!

In this episode, Re-Gor and Spency Domepiece discuss the 1987 movie Robocop as well as its 2014 remake.  Remakes tend to be a bone of contention among movie fans, and this issue is addressed, as well as comparing/contrasting both movies.  The original is definitely something people should know about or have seen!!