In this day and age, we grown up Monsterkids are now parents. Parenting in and of itself is a tough gig, and with 500 channels, but none of the classic programming we used to watch, it’s even harder. Trying to shield your kid from all the sex on TV and in ads is next to impossible. Through the magic of DVD and downloading, we can show them programs and films that we grew up with. Next to that, we can also find some of the great books we had as kids online, many of which are readily available. Many of the cartoons the kids watch today have references that we as adults get. This special series of “Monster Parent” articles will highlight some of the ways we as parents can help educate our kids on the cool stuff of the past so that they will get the jokes along with you, as well as introducing them to stuff they should know! Today I present a couple of the cool books I read as a youth and now share with my kids.

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Monsters & Memories 16: The Ghoul (1933) – By Ed Davis

Ahhh, My Groovy Ghoulies! It has been too long since I’ve a chance to share the great Horror and Sci-Fi films of the past with you all.  The past few months, the Missus and I have been busy with our little foster drooly ghoulie!  We’ve had a chance to put a fresh coat of mildew and cobwebs here in the crypt and are ready to unleash a whole batch of Monsters & Memories for you! I thought this movie made a fine choice to kick things off once more! Boris Karloff stuck close to the Egyptian roots of The Mummy for 1933’s “The Ghoul”.  Karloff goes seeking eternal life.  But does he find it?

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Then Is Now Review – The 3rd Annual Exeter UFO Festival – By Roger Froilan


Exeter, New Hampshire is jockeying to become the next Roswell. It is a quaint New England town, the center of which is chock full of yuppie stores, over-priced sandwich shops with limited menus, and several cool old buildings. Exeter is also home to both “The Incident at Exeter” and “The Hill Abduction”, which are two famous UFO cases. I had the good fortune to be able to attend the The 3rd Annual Exeter UFO Festival with my son, Spencer, on Saturday, September 3rd, 2011.

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Giant-Size Monsters & Memories: Karloff Double Feature Edition by Ed Davis

He cannot be contained, Groovy Ghoulies! The sheer strength of Boris Karloff on the screen was huge in 1932, and he appeared in two very different films. I thought it would be fun to throw them together and see what came out the other side. Fans were treated to The Old Dark House and The Mummy. Boris was able to play really two different characters at the opposite ends of the spectrum.  Savagery vs. Smarts, which side would win?
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Creature Double Feature Roundup 2 – Promo

Join us for the second Creature Double Feature Roundup for vendors, guests, and a LIVE recreation of Boston’s favorite monster show: CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE!!!!

September 24th, 2011 – Sheraton 4 Points Hotel, Norwood, MA

Tickets are only $10!!!  Bring the family for great, nostalgic fun!!!

Visit: for more info!!