Cinema Enigmatico #4 – Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (2016)

Cinema Enigmatico…Italian for Obscure Cinema! I find the films that are either forgotten or little known, and let you know about them! This week’s installment is a newer film based on a 70s kids’ show!

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (2016)

Why am I choosing a film from 2016, you ask? Well, this review column is about obscure stuff…stuff you probably didn’t know was out there and this one certainly qualifies! Based on the Sid & Marty Krofft 1976 TV show, this new version began life as a series of shorts that were eventually put together in a feature film format, and released on DVD in June of 2016. The original series starred Diedre Hall and Judy Strangis as Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, a crime-fighting duo in the style of Batman and Robin who worked with scientist Frank Heflin to combat crime. Diedre went on to a lengthy career as Dr. Marlena Evans on the soap opera, Days of Our Lives.

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Cinema Enigmatico #3 – Corruption (1967)

Cinema Enigmatico…Italian for Obscure Cinema! I find the films that are either forgotten or little known, and let you know about them! This week’s installment is a fun, horrifying foray into the swinging sixties, baby, yeah!

Corruption (1967)

I have to admit, while there is a copious amount of obscure knowledge and trivia in my head, I hadn’t heard of Corruption before discovering the Blu Ray. What makes that matter so profound is that it stars one of my favorite genre actors, Peter Cushing! In my travels and searches for obscure movies, I saw this offering from Grindhouse Releasing last year and just HAD to have it! The cover art alone sold me on it…Peter Cushing pinning a woman to the ground, grasping her hair with one hand and a knife at her throat with the other. I thought the ordinarily nice and mild-mannered man was pretty ruthless in some of his other roles, but this one cried out for me to see for myself what new depths of character acting the great Mr. Cushing could unleash upon us.

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Retro TV Guide Ads & Scans Blog #2

Welcome to our first official spin-off blog from Then Is Now! Retro TV Guide Ads & Scans is proud to be out on its own, sharing with you fun memories from when television and TV Guide were cool!

This week, the topic is: 3D TV!!! While many films today are released in 3D, back in the day it was a rarity, therefore a treat. To have 3D on Television was almost unheard of! But, in the summer of 1982, local channels across the country participated in showing some 3D films, and it was a BIG DEAL!!

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Cinema Enigmatico #2 – The Chooper (1971) aka Blood Shack

Dumpster diving in the dollar bin at second hand shops, you never know what gems you might find at Cinema Enigmatico – Italian for Obscure Cinema! This week’s installment is a horrible mess of a film that makes Manos, The Hands of Fate look like Treasure of the Sierra Madre!

The Chooper (1971 – aka Blood Shack)

Okay gang, yes for my second review I’m really going to slum it here. I feel like I watched this film so that you don’t have to, so I should be honored as a hero. Or a masochist. Like many of the ones you’ll find in this column, I found this one on a rare DVD in a dollar bin at a second hand store. And boy is it a stinker!

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Cinema Enigmatico Blog #1 – Australian Double Feature

Greetings all! Welcome to the first installment of my review blog, Cinema Enigmatico. I am Re-Gor, and I will be presenting to you reviews of little known films that you may or may not have heard of! I scour the DVD sections of second hand stores and internet sites to find the most obscure, the most bizarre, and often the most fun films! You never know what I might find, so sit back and enjoy what you’ve been missing out on! The review column title is Italian for “Enigmatic Cinema” or “Obscure Movies”. Ordinarily, I try to go into a movie knowing as little about it as possible, to achieve maximum enjoyment. No expectations = no disappointment. So, in my reviews I will try to only give away a little bit of the story…just enough to entice you to seek it out, if I feel it’s worth watching. If it stinks, I may give away most of the story.

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