Monsters & Memories 20: “Black Friday” and “Queen of Blood” Double Feature – By Ed Davis

Greetings Groovy Ghoulies! It’s time to come in from the sunlight, and head down to the crypt to see what terrors await us this time around. I can tell you one of our features was big on thrills while the other left me kind of “blah”! What a lineup of stars in both features! Boris Karloff, John Saxon, Bela Lugosi, Dennis Hopper and many more!

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Ed’s Monsters & Memories 21: Ghidorah, The Three Headed-Monster by Ed Davis

Hello, my Groovy Ghoulies! It has been so cold, the joints and bones have a lot of problems moving about! As we attempt to thaw out, the movies here have only gotten hotter. It felt good to sit down and enjoy a Toho classic. Groovy Ghoulie Fan #1 and myself have been deep in the adoption process for Drooly Ghoulie, and that is scary enough! But, things seem to be on track. So, I thought a swim out to Monster Island would be in order, and check in my favorite Japanese Kaiju, Godzilla! Our feature was released in Japan in December of 1964 as San Daikaiju: Chikyu Saidai no Kessen. Here in the states, it debuted later on in the fall of 1965.

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Cinema Enigmatico Blog #1 – Australian Double Feature

Greetings all! Welcome to the first installment of my review blog, Cinema Enigmatico. I am Re-Gor, and I will be presenting to you reviews of little known films that you may or may not have heard of! I scour the DVD sections of second hand stores and internet sites to find the most obscure, the most bizarre, and often the most fun films! You never know what I might find, so sit back and enjoy what you’ve been missing out on! The review column title is Italian for “Enigmatic Cinema” or “Obscure Movies”. Ordinarily, I try to go into a movie knowing as little about it as possible, to achieve maximum enjoyment. No expectations = no disappointment. So, in my reviews I will try to only give away a little bit of the story…just enough to entice you to seek it out, if I feel it’s worth watching. If it stinks, I may give away most of the story.

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Horror Haven Updates – August 2017

Hey Gang,

So first off, don’t forget the new Creature Double Feature Roundup 4 will be on September 23rd, 2017 at the Ezekiel Bates Lodge in Attelboro, MA!  Horror Haven’s own Uncle Death will be hosting the event!!  More info can be found at the Facebook page: 

Also, as you can tell we have been slavishly working to recover our lost posts here at the website!!  A lot of the old ones that we were able to recover have been archived, so as not to confuse it with new news.  Also, we have been constantly adding other posts from the past including Ed’s Monsters & Memories, and Then Is Now Blog.  So keep an eye as the site continues to evolve.  And yes, you’ll find some errors and broken links, but we are working feverishly to fix all of them!

And finally, we have several new podcasts that we are just DYING to unveil!!  New episodes of Then Is Now Podcast, and three more including The East Meets The West, Questionable, and a podcast version of our Cinema Enigmatico Blog!!!  Stay tuned for further details on those as they should be coming relatively soon!

That’s all for now, folks!  Enjoy the Summer!